Jamie G. Miller Law

Attorney Jamie G. Miller

After ten years in the corporate world. Ms. Miller made the decision to return to law school. Ms. Miller received her juris doctorate degree from Emory University in 1993. During her last year of law school, she was honored to receive a federal judicial clerkship to commence in 1994. Thus, Ms. Miller began her legal career by spending one year working for a personal injury firm prior to the clerkship. Ms. Miller then clerked for South Carolina U. S. District Court Judge Joseph F. Anderson, Jr. in Columbia, SC. The clerkship offered invaluable experience as she was able to participate and observe the judicial branch at work.

Following her clerkship, Ms. Miller came to Atlanta and initially worked for several firms including an employment defense firm representing Fortune 500 companies. Ms. Miller learned that her past work experience was invaluable in this area of the law. Ms. Miller also learned that her sympathies and passion were more aligned with the individual or the small business fighting Fortune 500 companies. As a result, Ms. Miller opened her own practice in 1998. Since 1998, Ms. Miller’s practice has been devoted to this passion to right injustices for individuals, employees, and small businesses.

Admitted to practice:

  • Georgia Bar 1993
  • All Georgia state courts
  • Northern District of Georgia
  • Middle District of Georgia
  • Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals
  • United States Supreme Court


  • Georgia State Bar
  • Georgia Employment Law Association (former board member)
  • National Employment Law Association
  • American Bar Association

Notable Cases

While Ms. Miller has resolved many and various lawsuits, she is most proud of the settlements that not only resulted in just compensation, but also changed the culture of a company or industry. The lawsuit forced changes where an employee is now guaranteed an equal opportunity at the workplace. The following cases are just a few of the cases where Ms. Miller believed those goals were accomplished.

Ms. Miller has successfully represented African American women fighting an industry-wide glass ceiling. The end result was several large confidential settlements that changed the entire industry for African American women.

Ms. Miller has successfully represented both females and males who were the victims of sexual harassment. Ms. Miller obtained a seven-figure settlement in one state sexual harassment case.

Ms. Miller represented African American workers in a racial harassment case where the workers endured racially derogatory graffiti on the workplace walls, KKK material at the workplace, and nooses in the workplace. There was a confidential settlement just prior to trial.

Ms. Miller's Philosophy

Ms. Miller sees her role as not only her client’s advocate but also as an educator. Filing a lawsuit is a serious decision that can be a confusing process for anyone not familiar with litigation. Ms. Miller sees her role as an educator regarding this process. Ms. Miller wants her client’s to understand the process as much as possible. Ms. Miller believes that a client who understands the process can more readily understand their options and make good decisions.


Many individuals have problems or difficulties at work and just need advice as to how to handle the situation. Ms. Miller strongly believes that it is better to get legal advice before the problem has erupted to a dispute that requires a lawsuit. By having a consultation session, Ms. Miller can advise you as to what are the best steps that an individual or small business can take to diffuse a situation or if need be, prepare for a lawsuit.